It's time to invest in yourself

Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain people with the skills they need. There has never been a more important time to invest in developing your skills. This can help you find a new role or even move into a different career, quite possibly with higher earning potential.

Pitman Training has a well-established reputation as a provider of high quality training and a history going back nearly 200 years. Employers value Pitman Training qualifications. We have a wide range of courses designed to develop your skills and a large number of happy, employed, students who can confirm that our training works.

We also offer guidance to help you identify the courses that best match your ambitions and career goals or meet the needs of your current employer. Once you’ve had a look at the range of courses we have please get in touch. We would love to hear about your ambitions and to help you make those a reality.

Our courses

Microsoft Office

Office and Secretarial


Employers expect those working with them to be confident and effective users of Microsoft Office applications, the most popular suite of office productivity tools in the world.

We offer courses covering the full range of Microsoft Office applications, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Our courses take you from an introductory level to intermediate and from intermediate to advanced. The courses use a mix of lessons and practical exercises designed to embed learning and provide you with a strong set of skills in using the world's most popular office applications.

Whether you're looking to brush up your skills or starting out in your career we have a range of office and secretarial courses that will support your career development. It's also worth remembering that secretarial and administrative positions can be stepping stones to other roles within organisations.

Our courses can help you gain the skills needed to progress in administrative roles, including Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Virtual Assistant, Office Manager or Administrator.

We also offer courses to meet the needs of more specialised roles such as Legal Secretary or Medical Secretary, as well as courses that will develop important office skills such as typing and business communication.

A career in finance can be very rewarding. Business and other organisations, in all sectors, need people who can maintain, manage and analyse financial records.

We offer a range of courses for those working or wanting to work in finance and we also host AAT assessments. Our courses can lead to AAT Level 2 and 3 qualifications in Bookkeeping and Level 2 to Level 4 qualifications in Accounting. We also offer courses in Payroll, Bookkeeping, Sage 50 and Sage Payroll.

Our AAT Level 3 and Level 4 diplomas include wrap around support, including mock tests, tutor sessions and video support, all designed to ensure you are prepared to sit and pass the AAT assessments. Some level 3 and level 4 AAT assessments have an overall pass rate of between 50-60%. Tutor support can make an important difference to how quickly you can progress and pass.

Business and Management


Marketing and Social Media

Management roles require a broad and varied skillset which needs to be regularly reviewed and developed.

Although organisations may vary in the qualities they need in their managers there are core skills that you will need if you are working or need to work in a management role.

Effective managers and successful leaders can motivate and inspire their teams and also focus on individual and organisational performance.

We offer Business and Management training that will help you gain or further develop your management and leadership skills. Among others we have courses covering areas such as business structure and law, HR, conflict management, leadership, project management, social media for business and effective business communication.

If you're working or want to work in IT it's important to have and update the right skills.

We offer a large number of courses that will provide you with the skills to undertake a variety of IT roles. These include IT/cyber security, networking, software development and a range of support positions. They also cover topics such as communicating with users and project managing IT development tasks.

Importantly, because our courses can also prepare you to take industry-recognised certification exams, investing in this type of training enhances your CV and shows your commitment to keeping your skills up to date.

Web Development and Graphic Design

Web and graphic design skills are in demand. Businesses and organisations need people whose skills are current and who know how to make the most of the technology.

We offer training covering web and graphic design. Our courses include Adobe Photoshop and the full suite of Adobe design software, including the Creative Cloud version of all the main applications. In addition to the design courses we offer courses covering an important range of web development skills, including Wordpress, HTML and CSS, JavaScript and C# and NET Framework.

If you're looking to work in graphic design or web development or design our training will provide you with the skills employers need and are looking for. It will also help you prepare for Adobe Certified Professional exams if you want to add a formal certifcation to your CV.

Marketing skills can open the door to a wide range of career opportunities.

We offer marketing training that will help you put key marketing principles into practice. Our marketing courses will show you what you need to do and equip you with the necessary skills.

We have a range of courses covering topics such as Marketing Essentials, the Marketing Mix and Marketing Principles and Practices. We also have courses covering more specific areas of marketing such as social media training.